Resource Determination Resources are determined from among the ancient works of Sunnah scholars Translation-Transcript Stage The terminology of original resources (Arabic, Farsi, Ottoman Turkish, etc.) is considered carefully in terms of vocabulary, annotations etc. in the translation of documents. Contents Preparation • The most useful parts of the calendar are chosen by shortening the prepared writings to comply with the calendar volume

• Worship on holy days and nights, the installation of appropriate invocations
History and Chronology Preparations Preparing appropriate writings by taking the significance of the phenomenon in Hijri-Gregorian history into consideration. Proofreading Phase A commission comprised of qualified scholars examines the contents of the manuscripts to ensure that they contain no elements in violation of the teachings of Sunnah Final Reading A commission comprised of experts in interpretation, hadith, fiqh etc. do the final reading Turkish Grammar, Spelling and Corrections Phase Care must be taken to avoid the use of emergent (later derived) words in our texts. Printing and Assembly Phase Printing begins at this stage after the preparations are completed. How is Fazilet Calendar prepared?