A Muslim’s 365 Day Life Guide

Since 1973, Fazilet Calendar has been published by selecting important information from major works and it has been presented to readers after passing a scientific committee.

Our aim is to enable Muslims to perform their prayers and fasting at the right time and to provide useful information to protect them from the dangers that will compromise their eternal life.

We are striving to provide an important service with our portfolio that addresses the whole world by calculating prayer times with the principles which have been used by Islamic scholars and astronomers for centuries. As of 2019, we have calculated the prayer times with great precision in 4050 cities of 205 countries by using today’s technological facilities.

Our calendar, which has been adorning the walls of millions of houses for years, is offered to you with different options for better utilization. We adapt to the present day with a mobile application in addition to our wall calendar and book-bound calendar.

The Fazilet Calendar, prepared by benefiting from the works of Sunnah scholars, continues to be a life guide to millions of Muslims worldwide.